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Pentru a accesa acest LINK, va rugam înregistraţi-va sau autentificaţi-va.

Pentru a accesa acest LINK, va rugam înregistraţi-va sau autentificaţi-va.

DEXIBELL exceeds the current standard of 16-bit and 44.1 KHz, the standard audio CD reproduction, with the use of higher definition, both in the “waveforms” format and also in the integrated circuit of the conversion from digital to analogue (DAC). 16-bit represents the audio in 65,356 levels, while 24-bit can represent it more widely in 16,777,216 levels, 256 times greater.

The new 24-bit technology together with the 48 KHz sample rate has significantly improved both the frequency response and the dynamic range of audio, compared to all other digital pianos.

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